Horseless Headsman (Snickers)

Nice mix of evergreen branding and relevant seasonality.

Batlow Premium Cider Apple Harvest 2011

"They’ve discovered that the correct music for picking is essential." — great line in a very funny spot from Glue Society in Sydney, Australia.

M. Ward on new Suburu spot

"Here Comes the Sun Again" evokes just the right mood for this young couple’s adventure.

Full description, via YouTube:

Video opens with a driving shot of Subaru Outback on long, scenic drive. The couple in the car is newly married, and they’re dressed in wedding attire. Cut to the back of the car to see “Just Married” written in the dust of the rear window, and pan down to see the clanking of cans tied to the bumper.

The couple comes upon a buffalo in the middle of the road. The man tries to get the buffalo to move, but he won’t budge, so they go around the buffalo.

They stop at the top of a hill - There’s a campsite set up at the bottom of the hill. He carries her piggyback down the hill to the tent. Rain starts falling and the tent collapses on top of them.

Next you see a man trying to put the tent back up while the soaking wet bride in the car is laughing at her new husband. He gives up and runs up the hill to join her in the car.

Goodby Responds!

I got this tweet the other day, in response to my question last week:

GSP Goodby, Silverstein Hot DOG! @thekevinlane Sonic spot: Original music,Ashe and Spencer.lyrics: GSP’s Pete Harvey,sung by Garrison Starr.… Sep 01, 12:40 PM via web

Great song. Twangy without being cheesy. Witty without being snooty. Catchy without being kitschy. Strong work, Goodby.

Good, goofy work out of Goodby for Sonic

Just saw a new spot for Sonic Drive-In hotdogs featuring a custom Country song sung by a girl that sounds like Dolly Parton.

While looking for that ad, I stumbled upon the one above. It’s dry, honest, awkardly funny and features Frankie Ray as the vampire. Then I saw this one with an oblivious, insecure Wolfman. Then this one with a confused, cannibalistic Humpty Dumpty. Then this one with a tender, self-righteous ghost. Then this one with a frighteningly calm, threatening robot. Quite a series. The way they give absurd, imaginary characters very real treatment and very human qualities makes you laugh at them and feel bad for, mad at or scared of them simultaneously. Bravo, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

As soon as I find the Country song ad, I’ll post it.